We’ve learned that Muslims expect Infidels to respect their religious rules even though they persecute those who don’t share their 6th century view of the world. Don’t believe me? Try taking a Bible into Saudi Arabia. Try taking the Christian message to Qatar. Try building a church in Jordan. Try being a Christian or Animist in Sudan (or a black Muslim, for that matter).

We’ve learned that Muslim leaders will lie and deceive in order to create a religious uproar. See previous post.

We’ve learned that too many in the West will sacrifice the right to free speech to appease a primitive mob. Next time a newpaper editorial goes on about free speech, check whether they could bring themselves to publish a few innocuous drawings depicting Mohammed. Apparently, defaming Christianity is free speech but poking fun at Islam isn’t.

I’m getting sick of seeing billions of dollars of US taxpayer money go to the likes of Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Palestinian territories only to see their raging mobs on the news burning the US flag. To quote Bette Midler, “F**k them if they can’t take a joke”.

Car Pundit has similar sentiments.