Cabal of Doom has a series of pictures of British Muslims protesting the cartoons. One of the placards reads “Exterminate those who insult Islam”. Behind that, and partially obscured, is another that reads “[Fan]tastic 4 [O[n] Their [w]ay!!!”. Just who are the Fantastic Four? It sure ain’t John, Paul George and Ringo. Here’s an explanation, courtesy of Egypt Today:

Ever since the [London transport] bombings, Britain’s Muslim community has come under scrutiny. While moderate Muslim leaders have rallied round and condemned the bombings, a number of ‘extremists’ have not. One example is Omar Bakri Mohammed, who sought asylum in Britain, where he has lived for nearly 20 years. He came to the fore describing the July 7 bombers as “the fantastic four.” He fled to Lebanon, ostensibly on holiday, and it later became apparent that he was collecting thousands of pounds a month in disability allowance, incapacity benefit and state benefits from the British state.

The London Times quotes this conversation obtained by monitoring an Islamic chatroom:

In one session a man calling himself Mizaan, who spoke with an English accent, said: “We should all of us glorify terrorism and we should incite religious hatred.

“Don’t worry, it’s not illegal for us to say that the Mujahidin on 9/11 were the magnificent 19, and it’s not illegal for us to say that Mohammad Sidique Khan (July 7 ringleader) and the four on 7/7, that they were the fantastic four.”

So, the Muslims protesting the Danish cartoons regard the London bombers as heroes. That should tell you all you need to know about the state of Islam today.

So, just where are the moderate Muslims?