Jerry commenting in Belmont Club in response to an appeasing commenter, writes:

It’s not like we’re adding more fuel to the fire here – as an unbeliever the Islamists would love NOTHING more than to kill you or convert you – and I think they get more pleasure out of killing than converting. To justify their anger at you (and the West) they’re perpetually looking for ANYTHING they can take offense to.

There is no grudging tolerance of other opinion, no give-and-take, no willingness to compromise. There’s no Bibles allowed in Saudi Arabia, no churches – yet they demand tolerance of their religion. Riots, demonstrations, beating up of Danes who haven’t anything to do with the cartoons – it’s all justifiable. There’s ALWAYS something to be offended about. And because you offend them, you must die.

There is no way to come to an understanding with someone who is fully intending to kill you – and sees absolutely not a damn thing wrong with that – if they have the chance. You can bend over backwards for them, to avoid causing offense, and they’ll demand you bend further. And further. The demands will get more and more unreasonable – to the point where you censor yourself in word and deed to avoid possibly causing offense.

Would you give up everything – including a pig-shaped stress releiver ( because a muslim says it offend them? Would you ask your local store to stop carrying pork, hams and bacon because it might offend a Muslim?

Where do you say “Enough!”? They’re not looking for ‘equal rights’ – they’re looking to be the only ones who have rights.

To think otherwise is to ignore a lot of history.

Enough already. If Muslims want to live in the West they MUST accept Western freedom of speech. Buddists do. Hindus do. Christians do. Atheists do. Agnostics do. Scientologists do. Jews do. Wiccan do. Muslims, and, interestingly, the far left don’t.

Mark Steyn speaking on the Hugh Hewitt show agrees with me:

When you attempt to show a representation of Mohammed, you get people threatening to kill you, you get national boycotts, you get people burning down buildings. And at some point, Muslims living in Western Europe have to decide whether or not they’re prepared to be offended, because that’s what it involves in a free society. Every day of the week, you, I’m sure…every morning, I wake up to hate mail on the e-mail, and I shrug it off. And I’m sure you do, too.

HH: Yes, yes.

MS: And that’s what Muslims have to learn to do in the Western world, if they’re going to be citizens of the Western world.