A good case in point is Germany. The people elected Hitler’s National Socialist party and we know how well that worked out. The Palestinians elected Hamas knowing full well that its charter calls for the destruction of Israel and that it was the leading perpetrator of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. As they vote so shall they receive.

With Sharon out of the picture and Hamas in official control of the Palestinian Authority we can expect Israel to put the “peace process” on hold and elect a government strong on defense. The Palistinian people can look forward to more misery and bloosdshed. If Hamas goes too far, Israel may even declare its terrorist activities acts of war and respond accordingly.

Democracy has a way of making people responsible for their fate. By voting for Hamas the Palestinian people have made themselves responsible for what Hamas does in their name. Perhaps Hamas will be forced to moderate their position. I can’t see that happening, so it seems the Palestinians are in for interesting times.