You watch Fox News because there isn’t much else. You wince when they miss the point because they haven’t checked the blogs. But what really gets up your nose is watching Mr. Colmes. The guy spouts Democrat talking points without regard to whether they are relevant to the issue at hand. He talks over guests and runs amok when Hannity is away.

So, this evening Colmes is away and Susan Estrich stands in for him. Usually, she comes across as a strident Carol Channing, but she wasn’t too bad this evening. She conceded points where congressional Democrats were coming off poorly. She asked good questions. She came across as someone who could debate Hannity on the issues in a reasonable fashion. I could expect her to call Hannity when he misses the point, a not infrequent occurrence.

If Fox could dump Colmes and hire Estrich they would have a better show and better ratings. Let them know.