Belmont Club links to a Reuters report carried by Yahoo News that describes the deaths in East Timor (Christian) caused by Indonesian (Muslim) occupation. It makes for horrific reading:

Indonesia killed up to 180,000 East Timorese through massacres, torture and starvation during its 24-year occupation, a report to be handed to the United Nations has found, an Australian daily said on Thursday.

Napalm and chemical weapons were used to poison food and water and some victims were burned or buried while still alive, and others sexually mutilated, the Australian newspaper quoted the report saying.

It said 90 percent of the 180,000 deaths — almost a third of the pre-invasion population — were caused by starvation and disease, saying starvation was used as a weapon.

“Rape, sexual slavery and sexual violence were tools used as part of the campaign designed to inflict a deep experience of terror, powerlessness and hopelessness upon pro-independence supporters,” the paper quoted the report saying.

The Reuters summary fails to mention that East Timor is largely Christian while Indonesia is largely Muslim. The Islamist world saw the conflict as religious. Tigerhawk cites an Al Qaeda claim that the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq and the killing of UN Special Representative Sergio Vieira de Mello was, in part, revenge for his role in the liberation of East Timor:

A few days after the attack, a communiqué published by Al Qaeda described the bombing thus: “One of the Mujahedeen broke in with a van full of explosives into the back part of the headquarters at the office of the personal representative of America’s criminal slave, Kofi Annan, the diseased Sergio de Mellow, Bush’s friend.” The statement asked: “Why cry over a heretic…? Sergio Vieira De Mello is the one who tried to embellish the image of America, the crusaders and the Jews in Lebanon and Kosovo, and now in Iraq. He is America’s first man where he was nominated by Bush to be in charge of the UN after Kofi Annan, the criminal and slave of America; and he is the crusader that extracted a part of the Islamic land [East Timor].”

The transfer of territory from Dar al-Islam (“the house of Islam”) to Dar al-Harb (that’s all us infidels) really annoys Muslims. That’s why there is so much anger directed at Israel. God help the Jews if the Palestinians ever defeat Israel.

The Catholic Church, unlike liberal protestant denominations, such as the Presbyterians and Episcopalians, recognize the danger that Islam poses to other faiths.