The Democrat’s strategy of criticising everything the Bush administration did in Iraq yet proclaiming support for the troops, combined with the undermining activities of the MSM wing of the party, was succeeding in driving down Bush’s poll numbers. Then came Murtha calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq and other Democrats, such as House Minority Leader Pelosi joined him. Oops. People recognized that Murtha was calling for America to surrender. Bush responded with a few strong speeches and his poll numbers turned around. The Democrats are now the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

In Maryland, unions conspired with Democrats to impose health costs on Walmart, and Walmart alone. Walmart can make these short-sighted socialists regret their stupidity quite easily. First up, close all Walmart stores near Maryland’s borders where there is another Walmart close to the border. If that doesn’t bring Walmart employment below the 10,000 employee trigger point, then make Maryland a test case for RF technology. Tigerhawk covers the whole issue, so I’ll just quote him on RF tags:

The Wal-Mart dream is to put little RF tags into every product. That way, people can just wander around filling up their cart, and when they leave they walk under a scanner that dings their credit or debit card. You get the vendors to stock the shelves, and then you fire all the employees except for a couple of security guards. Wal-Mart will have reached its apotheosis as a logistics system. The day is coming, but the speed with which it comes depends on two things, really: the costs of RF tags, and the costs of labor. If the first goes down enough and the second goes up enough, it will be more lucrative for Wal-Mart to get to the future faster.

Looks like Walmart now has a real incentive to bring RF technology to Maryland. Net result: Walmart gets employment way below 10,000 so they don’t get dinked with this unfair health-care tax. Maryland loses jobs and sales tax revenue to its neighbors. The unions and their Democrat stooges are exposed for what they are: people still living in the 1930s.