The Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill links to a distressing post at lgc: drive her like you stole her describing the plight of Nazanin, a yound Iranian women who defended herself and her niece from rapists. If she had lived in America she would have been lauded as a heroine. In Iran, her fate for resisting her attackers is likely to be rather different – she has been sentenced to death by hanging. This is not an isolated incident. Check here and Roger Simon for examples. Google “iran executing women” for more examples.

Here’s how they execute women in Iran. Warning – distressing image. The method used is not the relatively humane trapdoor system that (usually) ensures a quick death by breaking the victim’s neck; rather they use the suspension system and the victim slowly dies from strangulation.

So, why are we not seeing NOW sponsor marches, protests and political action to save Nazanin? Beats me.