James Taranto recently outed himself as not being religious. Those reading his “Best of the Web” series in the WSJ might have thought he was a rabid Catholic or an evangelical Christian because of his concern for the status of unborn human beings as babies rather than fetuses. But no, Taranto is about as religious as the average liberal.

When I was at high school, one of the smartest kids in a very smart class described himself as a “Jewish Agnostic”. I know what he meant. Call me a “Christian Agnostic”. In the face of the very real threat posed by radical Islam, non-religious people recognize that Christianity and Judaism are critical to winning this war. Christians and Jews are concerned about their movement through a moral universe and how it is seen by a benevolent but just God. From my Den Bestian agnosticsm, I’m concerned about how my morality would be seen, if there was a just and benevolent supreme being. But that perspective is informed by thousands of years of Jewish and Christian thought. My imaginary God would not allow me slaughter people if they did not agree to convert to my point of view. Nor would He let me treat women as chattel. Nor would He permit me to engage in perpetual warfare (aka Jihad) to convert people to my beliefs.

It is rather hard to imagine a professed “Islamic Agnostic”. The punishment prescribed for such a heretic is not continued social intercourse, but death. They do exist, thankfully.